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You are a...
Thriving Go-Getter

Working from Home

As a Thriving Go-Getter, you know how to ask for what you want and need at work. Your Career Well-being Score is HIGH! You likely work in a healthy work environment. HOORAY! ✨
You work in a collaborative and supportive environment and feel confident speaking up, giving feedback, and asking questions. You have taken ownership of your career goals. You are not afraid to chase them! Congratulations! 🎊
You have good relationships with your manager and colleagues and know how to set boundaries with your work. You also know when to ask for help before work becomes overwhelming and unmanageable. You have effective stress-coping mechanisms that help you thrive despite ongoing changes at work.
Your current career brings you fulfillment and meaning, but you also supplement it with hobbies and activities outside of work. You have a good sense of work-life balance. You don’t allow work to dictate how you live your life. Your work is a way to help you build the life you want for yourself.
You likely took this quiz because you are a learner at heart! And that’s a superpower! You are always reading about industry news, taking classes, courses, webinars, and learning from people.

As a Thriving Go-Getter, you should be very proud of yourself! Many people wish to be where you are. But don’t get too comfy! A healthy work environment can change.
A new shift in business, such as a new manager, CEO, or colleague can change the workplace. Soon, you may be working more and enjoying your work less. You might find yourself checking your emails over the weekend. You might begin working on tasks you dislike most of the time because your role has changed. Be aware of these shifts, and continue to advocate for yourself and your career well-being.
The good news is, you are on the right path, and I’m so happy for you! I want to continue to help you thrive and grow in your career!
Keep working toward your goals! Do you want to add healthy activities to your week? Check out my free Weekday Well-being checklistI created this resource to help you build a weekly well-being routine. You deserve to nurture yourself. It doesn’t mean you need to take an expensive vacation. Nurturing your well-being means scheduling small practices that help you stay mentally and physically balanced. ✅

If we haven’t met, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Ana Goehner! I’m a Career Strategist, Online Instructor, and Certified HR Specialist.

I'm here to support you on your career journey by providing the tools, strategies, and guidance you need to grow and thrive in your career. Read my story.

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What’s next?

1: Be on the lookout for emails with resources that will help you thrive in your career! 

2: Send me a message and let me know how you feel about your results. I’d love to hear from you!

3: If you ever want to chat about your career development and career well-being, ​I’m one click away!​


Everyone is their own Chief Career Officer.

You have the power to advocate for your career. 

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