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Your career strategist, career well-being expert, and certified HR specialist. My mission is to help you prioritize your well-being so you can achieve your career goals and reclaim your work-life harmony.

Hi, I'm Ana.

Here's My Story:

How I achieved career well-being and became my Chief Career Officer!

I'm a solo immigrant and Brazilian/American, first-generation college graduate. I've been in the corporate world since I was a teenager. I grew up with the mindset that others' needs always came first. I wore the word selfless as a badge of honor. I tried to apply the same principle to my new life abroad, and it didn't serve me well.
For 10+ years, I worked in corporate America. As an achiever, I'd say yes to every request and take on every project. I loved getting things done and was a high performer. But, I got passed up for promotions and didn't speak up in meetings, ashamed of my accent. I felt invisible and inadequate in many work environments. 

After years of hustle, grind, and little time off, burnout knocked me down. I had several health issues and saw many doctors. During that time, I started to prioritize my workplace well-being. I took small steps and said no more often. But that didn't cure the overwhelm of doing the work of two people, so I got a new job. 
When I found a better work environment, unfortunately I felt the pressure to hustle again. I didn't exercise, relax, eat, or sleep well. One day, I had a breakthrough moment that forced me to slow down, a cancer diagnosis. 

I thought about the actions I didn't take: setting more boundaries and working less, and focusing on myself. I wish I had left toxic work environments sooner. I could have done more for myself with the right resources, so I decided to help others see the signs I ignored.

I learned to become more assertive while staying calm, positive, and respecting others. I began to advocate for myself at work. I created boundaries, got raises, improved my well-being, and worked from home before remote work was the norm.

Sometimes you need a bit of help along your career journey. It's easy to become consumed with work and stress at the cost of your health, happiness, and well-being. I'm here to help you find a better way, and not just get through your work days, but learn to thrive and grow in your career. 

My Education & Training

Fun Facts About Me

  • Dancing is a huge passion. Besides Zumba and Hip-Hop, I take gentle yoga, barre, and strength training classes.

  • I'm a beginner pickleball player.

  • I learned English with music (pop and rock) before I could afford a language school as a young adult.

  • I'm fluent in English and Portuguese. I'm learning Italian.


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